Blower Motor Assembly Ap10983-4

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The WaterHeater
Hot Surface Ignitor – 115V, 1800 degree F, with 19" female quick connect leads – Natural or LP SP10972 (single) • Vacuum Switch SP11875 (single) • Vacuum Switch (Prior to June, 1991) SP10887K (single) • Transformer , 120VAC to 24VAC SP11787 (single) • Blower Motor Assembly 40, 50 gallon standard AP10983-4 … Access Full Source

Parts &Accessories For Water Heating Systems
120VACto 24VAC SP11787 (single) • Blower MotorAssembly 40,50 gallon standard AP10983-4 (single) • Blower MotorAssembly 40,50 gallon-High Altitude SP20250A (PDV40, PDV40P) SP20250B (PDV50, PDV50P) SP20251A (PDV50-65, PDV50P-65) •Blower Motor Coupler SP20252 •Blower Assembly Gasket SP20256 •Blower Motor … Read More

Draft Inducer Cross Reference Guide
Draft Inducer Cross Reference Guide for WATER HEATERS and FURNACES The replacement motor and blower specialist. 70-21876-01 A086 7021-6967 70-42241-01 A244 7021-7104 5C088 A086 7021-7105 5C087 A086 7021-7150 70-22436-01 A242 7021-7490 70-42278-02 A245 7021-7577 AP10983-4 A139 … Read Full Source

Vent Fan Assembly 1 (40/50 Gal) AP10983-4 (75 Gal) AP11608-1 19. Anode 1 (40/50 Gal) SP11309C (75 Gal) 11526C 20. Blower Assembly Kit 1 SP20250A PDV40, PDV40P Blower Assembly Kit 1 SP20250B PDV50, PDF50P Blower Assembly Kit 1 SP20251A PDV50-65, PDV50P-65 2. Rubber Coupling Blower Motor to … Read Full Source

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