Blower Motor Resistor


Diagnosing a Problem With Your Car’s Heating and Cooling System-Check the Resistor

A heating and cooling system is standard on most vehicles. In fact, you may be hard pressed to find a car or truck that does not come equipped with these items. As a result, a blower motor resistor is something that you may become familiar with. This resistor is responsible for air or heat blowing in your car on the middle or low setting. If you notice your fan continuously runs on high, your car needs to go in for repair to ensure more damage is not done.

How does this type of resistor work? The resistor is responsible for controlling air flow though the blower motor. This is true whether you have an AO Smith blower motor, a TYC blower motor or any type. Air flow is controlled using vents and the vents are altered by this resistor. This will be based in part on motor requirements. When you choose the lowest setting, you will be providing the most resistance to air flow. With the highest setting chosen, no resistance is offered to the air flow. This is why, when you notice your heating and cooling system is not operating properly, you should see if it works on the high setting, but not medium or low. If this is the case, you need to replace the resistor.

The first thing you need to know is which type of resistor you have. One is a printed circuit board which has a fully integrated circuit. The other controls fan speed using wires with different coil sizes for the different speeds. Where is the blower motor located so you can determine which type you have? You will find this motor and the resistor inside your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system. Locate the HVAC blower motor resistor and test it to see if this is the issue.

Be sure, when testing the resistor, to also check fuses, relays and voltage. By doing so, you can save yourself time and headache by ensuring you fix the right part the first time around. This is not a difficult fix, but why do more than you have to? The time required to check these items and fix the resistor is minimal, allowing you to get on with more preferred tasks.

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How To Replace A Blower Motor

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